The Computer-Aided System for Thermal Conditions Monitoring is a checking equipment which is deserved for computer-aided control, documentation and temperature information processing.

ВIt includes the following:
  • - Modules for data acceptance from thermocouple-sensing elements;
  • - Thermocouple-sensing elements;
  • - Software;
  • - Lap-top (at Customer’s will).
Performance attributes:
  • - Temperature control from -80 to +150°С;
  • - Temperature control fault ± 0,5 °С;
  • - Channels quantity up to 125 per device;
  • - Connection USB;
  • - The frequency of control and documentation is set by User.
Development variants:
  • The system can develop and be modernized without loss of the gathered archive data and program properties;
  • The creation of computer-aided system for data gathering from various kinds of sensors, including strain ones and vibration detectors, is possible on the basis of the present platform;
  • If it is necessary or on Customer’s request, the monitoring system can be performed as a measuring tool with inclusion in the state register of measuring apparatus of the Russian Federation.
Structure and system functions can be changed at Customer’s will.

Technical help phone:8 (8422) 26-29-09