IMDS-2013. RESUME10.09.2013

Awards for the Best Exhibit and for the Active Participation in IMDS-2013 were given to the FRPC OJSC RPA Mars

The 6th International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2013) has successfully finished its work. IMDS, beginning with the first Show arranged that took place in 2003 in Saint-Petersburg, ranks among the world Maritime Defense Shows and is the world leading naval equipment and weapons exhibition. The format of the Show, that is considered to be unique, includes all stages of shipbuilding and creation of naval equipment and weapons such as naval and commercial shipbuilding, marine power plants, weapon systems and armament, maritime instrument engineering including computer-aided systems and communications, naval aviation, navigational equipment and control systems, infrastructure, new materials and technologies.

Products of FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’

The RPA Mars represented its products in the frame of joint exposition of the Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC. The Concern showed a number of the samples of weapons and military equipment such as Command Post, Shore-Based Modular Operations Post, Radar Systems for Reconnaissance, BAL-E Coastal Missile System and CMS-elements of Surface Ship, that demonstrate the fundamental system decisions to create the integrated systems designed for the Navy of foreign states.

Combined Shoreline Guard and Defense System (KSOOP)

All of the samples were integrated into Combined Shoreline Guard and Defense System (KSOOP) , by communications and data exchange systems that was showed in operation.

    Shore-Based Modular Operations Post

The RPA Mars represented a modernized Shore-Based Modular Operations Post and a number of the Dual Multifunctional Consoles for Ship and Task Force Command Staff. The Shore-Based Modular Operations Post (83t611-E) plays a key role in the computer-aided control systems for the Navy which provides both automation of the combat control function processes and management of the distributed communication system based on the fiber-optic communications, radio relay link, HF- and VHF-Data Links. Such productive “symbiosis” of communications control tasks provided a keen interest of the Russian and Foreign delegations, as well as certain specialists. The favourable reviews were received from the officers of the Russian and Foreign Navies which noticed new possibilities and comfortable conditions to line of duty at the Operations Post. The realistic surface and air situation presentation of Gull of Finland water zone and the joint operation of the all KSOOP units were an advantage of the open-air exposition. Additionally, training targets were entered into the system according to which target designations were transmitted to the CLUB-K Missile Complex developed by the Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC.

    Integrated Multifunctional Console of the 83t611-E

The satisfactory results of a great work performed by all Concern Enterprises may explain the interest of Show’s visitors in the Shore-Based Modular Operations Post. The specialists of FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ mastered the information reception and control technologies of SPHERA-02 Optoelectronic Observation Device, REKA Navigation Radar, P-709 System, multicast videoconferencing. This technology implementation was possible thanks to developing and manufacturing of the integrated multifunctional console of the 83t611-E System. The created multifunctional console allowed to give up on the standard-using automation equipment of applied surveillance facilities.

The creation of an effective shoreline guard and defense system is a complex multi-objective problem, solution of which will take into consideration a great number of factors. The science-based approach to decision-making with regard to the eventual customers characteristics is a formula to confidence in the future.

Shipborne Control Console

The Multi-Platform Ultra-Slim Control Console is a promising device that consists of two 24” ultra-slim touch-screens and LCD programmable access keys that caught the particular interest of Show’s guests. The system provided data displaying of the water situation at the demonstrative area, the video-picture of Concern’s exposition in the open air, and the Shore-Based Modular Operations Post videoconferencing connection. All of the exhibition guests: customers, colleges, competitors, children and their parents every time stopped to enjoy this device. It really means a successful discovery in design and performance. Operator recognizing, modern system architecture, high-performance computing with support of CUDA technologies, reprogrammable access keys, height adjustment to operator anthropometrics, and Console functional enhancement promise to be called-for in the different fields of application. The three-dimensional Posts patterns of the naval ships and the integrated coastguard system demonstrating integrated compliance and complexity of the created and suggested product items completed the exposition.

Achievements and Awards

Over the last two years from the 5th IMDS, our Company saved its positions in the naval computer-aided systems market but achieved much more. It was determined by successful work of main Company’s departments and labs. The personal mastered and introduced innovative technologies into products, which were represented at the IMDS, developed in the frame of Programme of Innovative Development and Federal Targeted Programmes. During these years, the Company intensified its scientific and technical potential as well as material and technical basis.

The achievements of FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ were noticed with awards for the Best Exhibit and for the Active Participation in IMDS-2013 signed by Mr. D. Manturov, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation. .