Rally Marking the National Unity Day09.11.2012

On the 4th of November, there was a rally-procession with participation of regional and city heads, companies’ specialists, representatives of trade-union and public organizations, War and Labour Veteran Councils, national and cultural autonomies, as well as, Ulyanovsk citizens and Ulyanovsk region suburbanites (about 15,000 in total). The column moved according to the route: Goncharova Street – Lenina Street, esplanade – square of the 100-anniversary of V.I. Lenin birthday. The procession ended by the rally on the central place of the city.

The ‘Martians’ which were among the participants headed a column of the Zavolzhsky district. The representatives of our Company differed from the others by their turquoise vests with the Company logo and by their cheerful mind despite cool and rainy weather.