Professional Day Summary03.08.2012

The personnel of RPA ‘Mars’ happily and proudly celebrated our professional day which was timed to the RF Navy Day. According to the established practice, competitions were held in ‘Zarya’ stadium, a grand meeting - in the conference hall, and a touristic gathering - in the ‘Delfin’ camp. The distinguished guests also attended the grand meeting in the Company conference hall. Everybody said many good things about us and our work. Souvenirs, gifts and awards were presented to the most deserving specialists.

Dear Colleagues!

Today we celebrate our professional day. It is an important and essential event in our corporate life. Nowadays, our products are in demand not only in the Russian Federation, but abroad. We develop products both for the Navy and other armed forces, as well as for the civil sector. We will remember and honour our traditions. No matter what developments will be designed with us, what influence areas will be expanded, our cooperation with the Navy is unchangeable. The Russian Navy is, and, I hope, will be our main and priority Customer.

As a rule, it is appropriate to summarize on the Feast eve, and the summary is positive: our Company is financially stable, the personnel have worthy salary on time, and we have enough material, human and money resources.

Tasks for the next six months of 2012 have been already defined. We have very intensive plans for the third and fourth quarters, so we need to clearly organize our work to perform all the tasks assigned, while providing for the rational use of material, money and human resources.

Let me express my heartfelt gratitude for your conscientious work in the interests of the Navy and our Company.

With all of my heart, I wish you sailor’s health, happiness, prosperity and love in family, optimism and further professional achievements in the interests of the motherland and to the glory of the Navy!

Yours sincerely,
Director General
Vladimir A. Maklaev,

Dear Friends!

I am very pleased to present our regional awards to the specialists of RPA ‘Mars’, who contribute to the rebirth of the regional industry and create the basis for the science and technology development by their achievements!

Today, ‘Mars’ resolves strategic tasks of the modern Fleet development; creates facilities for modern-fleet control-systems’ maintenance. RPA ‘Mars’ has been designing practically new generations of control systems for combat ships at each stage of its development for more than 51 years. I am honoured to remark that ‘Mars’ is one of the most effective companies of the region today and an important component of the manufacturing resources within the Ulyanovsk region. Besides, it is among the strongest research centers: Doctors and Candidate of Science work there. A strong scientific school has been created for these years. In many respects and for multiple companies, you are an example of how to convert the scientific potential into a high-technology product which is in reliable service to the Russian Defence and is esteemed abroad.

Let me congratulate you with your Professional Day with all of my heart! I wish the strong health, family wellbeing and further professional achievements in the interests of our region to the personnel of ‘Mars’!

Governor – Chairman of the Ulyanovsk region
Government Sergey I. Morozov
Sergey I. Morozov

Dear ‘Mars’ Specialists!

Please, accept my heartfelt congratulations to your Professional Day. Your job, to serve the Fleet, is honoured. The specialists of RPA ‘Mars’ are always considered as the brainpower of Zavolzhsky district. You have prominent customs and the fidelity proven in practice. The region is proud of you, and this is the merit of each ‘Martian’. Let the love and wellbeing will reign in your houses. I wish you to have seven feet under keel in any situation you have!

Deputy Head of Ulyanovsk Management –
Head of Zavolzhsky district Management
Sergey A. Milushkin