Company Name

Federal Research-and-Production Center Joint-Stock Company ‘Research-and-Production Association ‘Mars’ ( FRPC JSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’)

Legal Address

20 Solnechnaya Street, Ulyanovsk, 432022 Russia

State Registration

Registration Date: February 1st, 2006

Registering Body: Inspection of Federal Tax Service of Ulyanovsk Zavolzhsky District

According to para 1.9 of the Federal Financial Markets Service’s Order No.06-117/PZ-N dated October 10, 2006 ‘On Approval of the Statute of Information Disclosure by Securities Issuers’, the Company shall furnish the copies of requested documents to persons concerned on their request.

The cost of copying is 2 roubles per 1 sheet of the copied documents. To pay the cost of copying, transfer money to bank as per the following details:

Bank: Ulyanovsk Branch No.8588 of Sberbank of Russia, city of Ulyanovsk, Povolzhsky Head Office

Settlement Account in RUR: 40702810169170103477

Correspondent Account in RUR: 30101810000000000602

Russian Central Bank Identifier Code (RCBIC): 047308602

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 7303026811

Industrial Enterprise Classification Code (KPP): 732801001

Essential Elements

All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (OKPO): 07538257

Principle State Registration Number (OGRN): 1067328003027

Taxpayer Identification Number TIN: 7303026811

Industrial Enterprise Classification Code (KPP): 732801001

Military Representative Office

Alexander Vladimirovich Kupreev - Captain 2nd Rank,

Head of the Military Representative Office of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (8422) 262 683