The Computer-Aided System of Fire and Security Alarm (CSFSA) is designed for computer-aided functions of revelation and recordation of the conditions “Alarm” (Fire) and other dangerous situations with the display of the operated objects’ states in burglar and fire alarm systems on the operators’ workstation screens.

  • 1) It provides continuous control of objects of the security-fire alarm system, registers the facts when the announcing system acted;
  • 2) It provides the control of connection loops on an automated workstation, registers the facts when the announcing system acted and includes:
    1. - "Infringement of CL resistance";
      - "CL Breakage";
      - Malfunctions of the communication line of interface RS-485;
  • 3) It clears sensors data with storing of disturbing conditions in an initial condition;
  • 4) It provides data exchange between the operator’s automated workstation and KUST device in accordance with established procedure of the interface 485 with speed of 9600bit/second;
  • 5) It provides data exchange between the operator’s automated workstation and the administrator’s through LAN by TCP/IP;
  • 6) In case of power supply emergency it provides power backup from UPS;
  • 7) It provides the operator’s workstation adjustment taking into account rights of access including:
    1. - Addition (removal) of connection loops (CL) of the premises under control, providing data on the floor and building;
      - Installation of CL type, KUST-device number which is connected to the CL;
      - Installation of display parametres of CL on the workplace layout;
      - Adjustment of lists of the employees having the right of sealing up the floors (rooms) with corresponding numbers of the seals and flasks;
      - Adjustment of parametres of display of the premises under control (addition and the removal, responsible for a premise, importance comments to premises);
      - CL installation and removal from control;
      - CL start and a stop inquiry taking into account access rights;
  • 8) It provides recording of all messages on operated CL, start and stop inquiry cases, information on users, attempts of unauthorized access actions to the management and information resources with the record on a hard disk;
  • 9) It provides the display and type-out of the reports for the specified period of time;
  • 10) It provides testing of KUST-devices the BUSH on the operator’s workstation and administrator’s one.

The design project’s peculiarity is in placing of the KUST-devices in company buildings, which makes control receiving devices to be in the closest place to sensors. Such placing enables to arrange CL inside buildings, which considerably reduces the extent of communication cables and improves conditions of their operation (external influencing is excluded). The operation is known for its continuous round-the-clock operating mode.