Assembling of Electronic Modules

The assembling of electronic modules has been functioning in Company for more than 15 years. For these years we have brought up a whole number of professionals whose knowledge and experience along with sufficiently modern technic and technological base, allow us not only to ‘keep the head above water’ but to compete with other similar productions.

Our major product is PCBs with components and modules. The manufacturing is performed using the technologies as follows:
  • - Surface mounting (SMT);
  • - Lead-through-hole (LTH);
  • - Combined surface and pin mounting.

The unique production ensures the manufacture of electronic modules using components of surface and pin mounting in plastic, ceramic and metal packages of from 0402 (1 mm x 0.5 mm) and BGA components of 55 mm x 55 mm (the pitch is 0.4 mm, the mass is up to 25 g), of domestic and foreign origins. The mounting accuracy is no worse than 17.0 microns at 6-Sigma.

Surface Mounting

The mounting is performed on two manufacturing lines designated for medium-size lot production. The basis for these lines is ‘Siplace’ Machines (‘Siemens’ Company, Germany). The total capacity of the lines is 45,000 components per hour. We can mount single-piece products using ‘Fritsch’ installation with capacity of 500 components per hour.

Lead Through-Hole

The LTH is performed manually. Pin components are soldered through holes in semi-automatic or manual modes. The board assembly dimensions are from 100x50 mm to 500x450 mm. At the end of assembling, the ‘Viscom’ installation (Germany) performs computer-aided optical check, and the ‘Rohde&Swarz’ installation performs X-ray check.

Optional Features
  • - mounting/demounting of electronic products with multi-terminal pins;
  • - press-fitting of connectors of Press-Fit type;
  • - forming of pin electronic products in semi-automatic and manual modes;
  • - screen-making;
  • - complex cable manufacturing;
  • - tinning of components’ leads in special bath with adjustable heating;
  • - moisture protection of products.

Order Terms and Cost
The prices of the manufacture of electronic modules can vary depending on the complexity of works, completeness of design documentation, quality of delivered bought-in components, as well as the order amount.

Price range per soldering point (VAT inclusive):

  • - SMT – 0.1-1 roubles;
  • - pin mounting – 0.5-3 roubles.

The terms of order fulfillment are from 3 days (providing that goods made on commission are used). There is a system of rush orders performed according specially negotiated terms.


Chief of Research-and-Production Complex – Oleg E. Stepanov:
phone: +7(8422) 262 254 fax: +7 (8422) 262 961

Chief of Laboratory of Electronic-Modules Production – Ildar R. Tuyeshev:
phone: +7(8422) 262 829

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